Weekend Video: Kent State-Poynter: Whose Rules?

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Our contributor Lauren Rich Fine is also practitioner-in-residence at Kent State University’s College of Communication and Information. In that guise, she was a moderator at this week’s Whose Rules? conference on media ethics jointly programmed by Kent State University School of Journalism and Mass Communication and The Poynter Institute. The sessions were all streamed live and are available as video on demand here.

Among the sessions:

— Jay Rosen discussed closed systems (traditional media) and open systems (online) in his keynote and how they are different and don’t necessarily play well together. (Jay’s notes are here).

— Lauren’s panel, The Future of Traditional Media in a Digital Universe, pushed at traditional media people to experiment with online-open and get over their fear-opposition. While traditional can maintain its values, they need to be modified online. Traditional media needs to find its niche and how it can serve its community in a differentiated manner. More specialized forums and blogs seem to be getting higher quality comments and dialogues.

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