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Politics Blog TPM And NextNew End Video Syndication Deal

Left-leaning political news blog Talking Points Memo and NextNew Networks are severing their ties, a rep for the online video aggregator confirmed. TPM has decided to go it alone when it comes to handling its online video distribution. And NextNew is concentrating more on other verticals besides politics, such as automotive, fashion, and animation. In a post on TPM, publisher Josh Marshall says that as of next month, the site’s video blog, TPMtv, will no longer be using Veracifier, a political blog that is owned by NextNew.

In October, the TPMtv channel on YouTube will be moving out from under Veracifer’s channel and will continue to expand its existing channel on the Google-owned site. In his message to readers, Marshall asks them to start subscribing now to the TPMtv channel on YouTube.

In an email, Marshall tells me: “We loved working with NNN. Great company; great people. But they were consolidating. And they wanted to own us. But we didn’t want to be owned. We wanted to stay independent. So we amicably parted ways.”