@ Mobilize: A Recap Of Presenting Startups: Plusmo, SearchMe, Flurry And Lexy


While I was at GigaOm’s Mobilize in San Francisco yesterday, I saw four companies that caught my attention among the dozen-or-so that set up tables in the lobby and outside the main auditorium. Here’s a bit on each:

Lexy: Lexy: The company produces podcast-like events for mobile phones, which they call Quikcasts. I have to hand it to them for getting attention early, by offering free Bluetooth headsets for people who signed up by text message. Once users signed up, they got text alerts during the day of new Quikcasts, which were accessed by calling a phone number. An example of one was by a one of the panelists, who quickly provided his thoughts on the discussion. After the message played, it played another unrelated program from Slate about the current banking crisis. Overall, I found it a bit awkward since I wouldn’t normally make a phone call during the middle of the conference, but afterwards, it provided a good summary.

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SearchMe: The Internet-based search engine that returns visual results to search, rather than text links, was at the event to announce that they have launched a mobile version at m.searchme.com. It was also demonstrating what it looked like on an iPod Touch, but the iPhone version is still at least a month away. It definitely looked cool, especially when the Touch was turned horizontally and you could flip through Web pages, which served as your results. Release.

Flurry: The San Francisco-based company has been around for some time, but is now focused on building a mobile analytics and ad network for native applications. The free services won’t be available until October, but it’s promising to help developers monetize and monitor how well their applications are doing. Flurry said it plans on making money by offering premium services layered on top of the basic offerings. More here.

Plusmo: The company launched a new College Football widget for mobile, which runs on a platform they’ve ported to hundreds of phones. The free app is available at http://cfb.plusmo.com and will be available soon for the iPhone. Other developers can use the platform, as well, to create apps. It looks a lot like Yahoo’s (NSDQ: YHOO) Go platform, which offers developers a common platform for lots of phones.

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