Open Thread: What do You Want from a Cell Phone?


There are plenty of manufacturers and carriers out there who will be happy to tell you what you want from a phone. To hear them tell it, if you’re not carrying a device with a camera, a touchscreen, an internet browser, GPS, Bluetooth, and a fancy colorful operating system, you might as well be carting around a tin can and a long piece of string.

With the recent upgrades to the iPhone, and the imminent release of the first Google “Android” phone, the hype machine surrounding these devices has been cranked up to higher levels than ever. But while I’m sure there are focus groups and test devices involved in the process, no one ever asked me what I wanted in my cell phone. And I’ll bet they never asked you, either.

So, let’s remedy that. If you were designing your ideal cell phone from scratch, what would you put into it? And perhaps more importantly, what would you leave out? Have you found your ideal phone in the market, or are you still vainly hunting? And does the next generation of handsets look like it’s going to offer what you want?

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