MSI Wind working great for mobile use


Msi_wind_2I see that UMPC Portal has an Medion Akoya Mini writeup after ten-weeks of using the netbook. Aside  from a few small differences, that’s essentially the same device as the MSI Wind I brought with me to San Francisco. This little workhorse is holding up really well in terms of usability, battery life, and portability. I find that I can carry the Wind around without a thought, much as I carry my iPhone. And believe me: I’m running around here at the conference. The Wind isn’t a hinderence in this situation; it’s actually a great tool in this environment.

No, it’s not going to compare in terms of performance to all of the MacBook Pros in the room here,but that’s actually a telling sign. When I leave the room, the Wind comes with me. The MacBook Pros? They’re all left behind in the room. ;)



Hmmm. Where in the SF Financial District area can I check one of these out in person?

My interest was piqued a few weeks ago — I’m pretty stoked now.

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