GM's Lutz on Colbert: I Don't Believe in the CO2 Theory

In celebration of GM’s 100th anniversary and the unveiling of its electric car the Volt, GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz took a trip over to the Colbert Report to spend some time with hilarious comic Stephen Colbert. We’ve got to say Lutz was somewhat funny in some parts, but also seriously concerning when it came to his what-seemed-to-be straight-faced answer denying the “CO2 theory” of global warming. Colbert went into a joke tangent about how the creation of the Volt is “tantamount to admitting we have to do something about global warming . . . why not call this the Chevy Gore. You don’t believe global warming is real, you’ve said so.” And Lutz responds:

“I accept that the planet is heated but I, like many noted scientists, I don’t believe in the CO2 theory.”

Colbert responds: “Exactly, I believe that people are just leaving their toasters ovens open.” And Lutz replies “Exactly.” Um, we think he’s kidding about the toaster oven bit — though we really can’t be sure — but the climate change response he’s said before.

Lutz also gave a few more details on the Volt: that it will feature an optional photovoltaic roof accessory, it has a gas engine that is 1.4 liters, (or 70 cubic inches) and it will go 40 miles on all electric. Lutz sounded like he had fun on the show, and wrote in a followup blog post on the GM blog:

. . . If one has any sense of humor at all, it’s just impossible not to have it triggered when engaged by Colbert’s brilliant but outrageous persona. It turns out, unfortunately, that “outrageous” is the main bandwidth of my humor, so I found my responses coming reasonably fast and automatically. Although if you see the interview, you’ll notice some pauses on my part. Those pauses were not because I didn’t know what to say; they were time needed to index through and discard the truly dangerous answers!

Sarah Palin reversed her opinion that climate warming is definitely not caused by man — Lutz couldn’t have discarded that dangerous carbon answer?