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Facebook to Integrate with Mobile Address Books?

At the GigaOM Mobilize conference just now, Chamath Palihapitiya of Facebook just gave a little indication of what’s next on the company’s product roadmap. Palihapitiya, Facebook’s VP of Growth, Mobile and International was serving on a panel about mobile social networking, when an audience member commented that a phone’s address book is essentially its owner’s social network, Palihapitiya replied, “That’s a great observation. Stay tuned.”

Facebook PR wasn’t going to let him say more than that, but I for one think this is a splendid idea that could be revolutionary if implemented correctly. Facebook has all along said it wants to mirror real-world relationships. When you throw mobile into the mix, there’s no reason to even have to separate so-called offline and online contacts. The site already has a vast repository of cell numbers on its member profiles, as well as many mobile users through downloads of its applications for platforms like BlackBerry and iPhone as well as mobile browser access. I think this integration would be so useful — Facebook could even go so far as to co-launch a phone with a handset maker.

But anyway, I’ll post the full write-up of the session in a moment.

13 Responses to “Facebook to Integrate with Mobile Address Books?”

  1. Well, in my eyes facebook is really creepy. I don’t have any advantages from it. And I haven´t seen any new layout. Still this creepy one with creepy profiles. Sorry, but there are many other websites like facebook that do it much better. Not only MySpace but ather WYSIWYG-sites. Anyway, it would be great to make any site comunicate with your phone.

  2. Mobisy(, a Bangalore based startup which also demoed at Mobile world congress at Barcelona as startup nominee from MoMO Blore earlier this year ) already does this . Most of us actually use this too. Ofcourse they do a lot more stuff too

  3. Sean Kegelman

    This is essentially in place with the iPhone app for Facebook. the Friend tab is a full functional contact app already containing thumbnail pictures. It allows you to call directly from it (if their numbers are on their profile, ou can initiate chat through it, message through it, etc. Status would be useful. and more. But it is pretty much already in place.

  4. I wrote a blog post about this possibility last year when the iPhone optimized version of Facebook was announced.

    The social network needs to be embedded deeply into the phone.

    Here are some of the possibilities:

    * Pick up a new phone and enter your account information. Your contacts are automatically populated, complete with pictures of your friends. No need to fiddle with re-entering all your data.
    * Check the status of your friends before you make a call. If you see that your friend is on the phone, you can call later or send a text message. (Similar to presence on IM.)
    * When a contact changes their phone number, the new information is automatically updated. You don’t have to worry about outdated phone numbers.

    More here: