@ OMMA: Online Ad Industry Continues To Talk Upbeat As Financial Markets Teeter


imageJudging from the comments I solicited from a dozen ad execs at the OMMA Platform Wars conference in Times Square, they have unwavering confidence in the ability of online media to withstand the shocks coming from the financial markets this week. Perhaps it’s the power of positive thinking or the simple, true belief that the shift from traditional advertising to new media is inexorable. In fact, this could be the perfect excuse for marketers to accelerate the shift to online, as marketers become more interested in direct response campaigns desire to stir customer acquisition. That said, display ads, which have already been trending downward, are not expected to be slammed hard, along with the ad industry at large, as marketers become more cautious with their budgets overall. A sampling of comments follows below:

For some, a bad year just got worse: In general, the ad industry has been slumping since last year. And when a company like troubled insurer AIG takes ad spending out of the market — it spent $119 million last year, according to TNS Media Intelligence, of which $470,000 went for online advertising — that could still cause wide ripple effects. But Brian Wieser, SVP, director of industry analysis, contends that there will be no impact on the industry — at least in the short term. “The broader trend of ad dollars shifting into non-measured media marketing and new media will continue. Even given the current turmoil, there

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