Hotel WiFi versus EV-DO

I posted earlier about the WiFi situation in hotels and my own current situation in San Francisco.  This generated some questions about why not just use EV-DO since I have it along with comments sharing reader’s bad experiences with hotel connectivity.  I have been testing both the hotel WiFi here and the EV-DO for comparison purposes and not surprisingly find that both networks vary widely in speeds obtained depending on, well, who knows what exactly.

Here are some test results for the EV-DO in the hotel room:



These two tests were taken back to back with the same things going on.  They were probably about 2 minutes apart.  Both of these speeds obtained would do in a pinch but nowhere near the capability of EV-DO Rev. A as I was getting yesterday in Houston.

Here are some tests of the hotel WiFi network, also taken back to back near the same time of the tests above:





I took four tests of the WiFi because as you can see it varies so widely (and wildly).  I can tell you having used this network for hours now that the two slowest bandwidths above are the most common on the network.  This shows why it’s not always an easy decision whether you pay for the connectivity if you must or if you go with 3G if you are fortunate enough to have that option.  I can tell you from experience that 3G typically doesn’t vary as wildly as hotel networks often do so you get at least a constant bandwidth for the most part.  This means you can test the EV-DO before you decide to pay for the WiFi if you must.


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