Sneaky Ad Net? Or Just Bad At Picking Names? Jellycloud Hopes You Don’t Recall ‘Claria’ And ‘Gator’


imageWhat’s in a name? That’s something the team behind Jellycloud has been pondering for the past few years, a Venturebeat piece suggests. Back in 2000, the Redwood, CA.-based company was known as Gator, which offered an online “vault” that let users store their various login data. But the second part of Gator’s business was based on much-hated adware. Tainted with the spyware label, Gator regrouped and changed into Claria. Under the Claria name, the company raised $40 million in April 2006 and got into the personalized homepage business. The idea was to glean users’ web usage habits and serve up content accordingly.

But Claria didn’t take off either. So now, in its latest incarnation as Jellycloud, the company is fashioning itself into a remnant ad network. In April, the company raised an $11.5 million round led by U.S. Venture Partners, SoftBank, Sand Hill Capital and Crosslink Capital. Scott Vandevelde, Jellycloud’s CEO, tells Venturebeat that their offerings are comparable to both traditional ad nets like *AOL’s*, but also as acts as an ad exchange like Right Media. However, given the expected slowdown in display ads, the company might be ready for another name change soon enough.

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