Zune owners get free WiFi as Happy Meal prize


BK might have the King, but McDonald’s has the Zune owners. Microsoft just announced a deal with Wayport, the Internet service provider at McDonald’s, that will offers free wireless networking for Zune devices at over 9,800 locations. I don’t think we’ll see the fast food chain change their slogan to "Billions and billions squirted" anytime soon, but this development offers a nice value add to Microsoft’s digital audio player.

The news hits just after Microsoft updated both the hardware line with new models and all devices with new software features, one of which allows users to purchase songs using the built-in wireless radio. Microsoft was on to something with the inclusion of the WiFi function back in 2006, but it’s only now getting real value from it with developments like this. The two years it took to get this feature allowed Apple to include WiFi on the iPod Touch and that device was able to purchase music wirelessly right out of the gate. Instead of being ahead of the curve, the Zune got leap-frogged as a result. Regardless, there should be some happy Zune owners out there today. What else goes better with McDonald’s fries than free connectivity for wireless music and games?

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