Tomorrow’s travel: what’s in the bag

MsiwindJames is either on his way to or actually in San Francisco by now for Thursday’s Mobilize conference. I’m out the door tomorrow around 11am for an afternoon flight as Barb is on a work trip this week and our kids are home from school due to an unfortunate teacher’s strike. Luckily, my father is filling in as the resident babysitter for a few days… I’ve left the requisite instructions for how to work the HDTV on the kitchen table. ;)

So with a short, three-day jaunt, I’m traveling very light… maybe even lighter than James is. For me it’s pretty simple because the small MSI Wind netbook with 6-cell battery should easily meet my meager computing needs. I’ll take the AC adapter which will add a little weight, but the device, battery and adapter combined is around 2.6-pounds. Add in an ounce or so for my USB 727 EV-DO modem and that’s about it for the messenger-style bag, which I’ll carry with me on the plane. My iPhone will be in my pocket and I’ll also take my Shure SE-210 headphones, which are less than ounce. All told, I’d say my gear bag will carry less than three-pounds of mobile tech, making it light and easy to carry and more importantly everything in it will meet my needs: content creation, streaming video from a number of sources, reading feeds, etc…

One question that is likely to be asked: why not take the Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium UMPC? I could easily do that in lieu of the MSI Wind. Both devices are close in weight, are plenty peppy enough and get the same battery life of five to six hours. It’s simply a matter of doing something I haven’t done in a while: exclusively use a netbook for several days. I used my Eee PC 701 for the entire week of CES in January and I used the Q1UP exclusively for 60-days during my web-only challenge. It’s simply a change of pace because either the UMPC or the netbook would work just fine for me in this scenario.

Two quick notes: we’ve got a list of heavy-hitter speakers attending Mobilize. Definitely some big names in this space and I’m excited to get the chance to meet them and talk mobile tech! Also, if we have any energy left at the end of the day on Thursday, maybe we’ll kick back for a drink. If that happens (and it’s a very big IF), I’ll shoot out our location via Twitter in case any jkOTR readers want to swing by and join us.


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