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“Nanoflowers Improve Ultracapacitors”: Researchers at the Chinese Research Institute of Chemical Defense have developed an electrode that can store twice as much charge as current ultracapacitors, a potential replacement for batteries that can recharge in seconds – MIT Technology Review.

One-Atom Thick Carbon Sheet Boosts Ultracapacitors: Engineers at The University of Texas at Austin have achieved a breakthrough with a nano-structure called “graphene” as a new material for storing electrical charge in ultracapacitors which they hope will be applicable for utility-scale storage – Science Daily.

What’s an Electron Weigh?: Tesla’s electrical technician Marty Taft wondered how much of the nearly 1000 pound Roadster battery pack is actually electrons. Turns out a fully charged battery only holds 3.089 Milligrams of electrons, about the mass a grain of sand. But can a grain of sand accelerate your car from 0 to 60 in 4 seconds? – Tesla Motors.

GM Working on New Battery Tech: While GM hasn’t said who is making the Volt batteries, GM will likely need lots of batteries for its future electric pursuits and the auto giant is researching new Li-Ion technology – Green Car Congress.

Propose the Next Green X-Prize and Win $24K: The X-prize foundation has launched a competition to decide what its next competition will be and is soliciting ideas via YouTube video submissions in a contest called “What’s your crazy green idea?” – YouTube.

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