T-Mobile, Android event confirmed for September 23rd


Googledevday300x199If you had doubts about the expected T-Mobile & Google Android announcements next week, you can erase them now. Michael Gartenberg has an invite for just such an event in New York City on September 23, so all systems are go. Makes me wonder if T-Mo will announce more 3G coverage area activations to coincide with Android.

What if you can’t wait a week for the news? Why not sneak a nearly-eight-minute peek at an actual Android device demo recently shown? The HTC Dream brand-covered phone looks pretty interesting, but I keep coming back to how iPhone-like it is… at least from what we’ve seen so far in these types of demos.



Since Andriod is platform, I’d love to see it on some MID hardware. I think that an Android based Gigabyte M528, would be a killer device. if the performance is as good as it was in that video on a mobile phone imagine how it would perform with 800MHz Atom processor.

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