Sennheiser VMX Office: one Bluetooth headset to rule them all?


Vmxoffice_240_productSennheiser really wants you to own just a single Bluetooth headset. Preferably theirs, of course. To make that dream a reality, they introduced the VMX Office today. It’s built on their VMX100 product, but comes with an extra twist: not only does it wireless connect to your Bluetooth-capable handset and computer, but it also pairs up with the ol’ corded phone on your desk too.

Included with the VMX Office is a base station that you connect to your desk phone with a included standard RJ-9 wire. This way, you can catch calls on the regular landline with your headset and then just walk away to use the same headset with your cellphone or computer. The base charges the headset or you can charge it through a USB adapter. I don’t see a year’s supply of Q-Tips bundled with the VMX Office, which might have been a nice touch since the headset has little to no reason to be anywhere but your ear at this point.
Watch for it later this month with a price yet to be announced. It’s sure to be a wee bit more than the VMX100, which currently goes for around $90 on Amazon.



I’ve been trying out this headset system for a week and I love it! I wish the range on the landline phone were longer, but that probably means they would make my new favorite headset bigger. Part of why I love it so much is that it’s so small and lightweight. I barely feel it.

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