Need a cab? Flag one or call #TAXI on your cell


Img_taxiAt five-foot-five and a buck-twenty on the scale, I can pretty much guarantee that a taxi driver will notice just about everyone else first. The only time I beat out a crowd for a cab was when I fanned out a wad of fake bills and waved it around like a madman. No, the cabbie didn’t get the fake bills, but if you ask him, he’d probably say he got the madman. ;)

I think I’ll try dialing #TAXI next time I need a cab and can’t find or flag one. CellWand Communications brings the short number service through Single Touch Systems and it’s good for cellular customers of AT&T, Verizon Wireless and Alltel. Dialing in the #TAXI code connects you to the first available taxicab company in the local area, but it’s not a free. AT&T folks like me will pay $1.79 for the service, while Verizon and Alltel people get a CDMA discount and save $0.29, making it an even buck-and-a-half. I just might give this a shot in San Francisco tomorrow… maybe Om won’t mind the $1.79 on the expense report?

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