Line Rider Released for iPhone


Yesterday, Line Rider finally dropped into the App Store for the iPhone. Selling for $2.99, this is one game that gives hours upon hours of fun – the only limit being your creativity. Since the announcement on the web a couple weeks back, I’ve been watching for this title in the App Store every single day. This is indeed a treat, my friends!

If you haven’t played Line Rider online, (then perhaps you’ve been hiding out in a bomb shelter for the past 2 years?) you’ve definitely been missing out. In this addictive physics-based game, you get to draw the lines that make up the sledding hill that “Bosh” will go screaming down. If your inclines are too steep, or the angles of change too abrupt, Bosh will crash and burn. But with some experimentation and practice, the tracks you create will make Bosh do some crazy and fun things on that little toboggan-style sled of his.

The controls are exact, and offer just the kind of precision you’d expect. The minimal sounds aren’t overbearing, and in my opinion can be left on even if you’re passing time by playing in the waiting room of a Doctor’s office (ok, maybe turn it down slightly). There are different tools which allow you to fine-tune your tracks, you can erase your lines in part or in whole, save your tracks for another time, and even share them with other players.

With only a little amount of time under my belt so far with the iPhone version, I can safely say that it is just as good as the web-based (flash) version, but now on the iPhone.


Andrew L

Tis is such a crappy phone if you need a pda nokia E90 is so much better, really what a load of junk

A good customer/fan

Liner rider is an awasome app but the new version, adding features like Night ride and inverted menus which are pretty useless, also has a glitch with the starting. Everytime you press the play button the little dude hits the jumps differently and if u start out falling he falls differently everytime….The old ver never had this problem so plzzz fix it!

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