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IMDB Gets Full TV Shows and Films

Visitors to the Internet Movie Database can now watch full-length movies and TV shows for free. Amazon announced yesterday that its subsidiary offers up 6,000 films and TV episodes including current popular shows like House and Battlestar Galactica, classics like Charlie’s Angels and Star Trek, feature films like Liar, Liar and Some Like it Hot as well as independent shorts.

The content is provided a number of partners such as Hulu, CBS and Sony and is integrated into show pages as well as being collected on a main video page.

Amazon recently launched its own VOD video streaming service, but extending that paid model to the IMDB wouldn’t make as much sense. People visiting Amazon are in a shopping mindset, and would be more willing to pony up for a TV show. On IMDB, they are looking for information quickly and are much more likely to watch something for free.

But it’s also a tool for the networks to promote their shows (and companies like Hulu to get more plays). A visit to the Heroes page on IMDB greets you with a huge ad for the third season of the series at the top, cast and crew info, and now you can check out an episode right there without having to go anywhere else.

7 Responses to “IMDB Gets Full TV Shows and Films”

  1. It’s certainly a sensible move, but doesn’t add much to the video options out there. Would be great to see more innovation around the viewing platform – e.g. Lycos Cinema lets you socialize while watching movies and TV episodes, and others allow you to make and share video mash-ups.