HP introduces 16 and 18-inch notebooks


Hp_hdx_16It seems the large notebook is gaining in popularity, no doubt as some look for desktop replacement notebooks that can provide a large screen entertainment experience.  HP has introduced two new notebooks in the category, the HDX16 and HDX18 with 16 and 18.4-inch screens respectively.  Both notebooks provide a full performance package in a luggable form that looks to provide a full entertainment experience for the home.  Laptop Magazine has a full review of the smaller HDX16 and find that while heavy at 6.8 pounds it is still a good portable powerhouse.

Although the Sony Vaio FW series issleeker and lasts longer on a charge, for nearly $300 less, the HDX 16excels where it really counts, delivering superior productivity andgraphics performance and more-powerful sound. The HDX 16 also looksmore like a premium machine compared with the HP Pavilion dv7, whichlacks the HDX 16’s 1080p display option. The touchpad could besmoother, and we wish the touch-sensitive buttons were more responsive,but overall the HDX 16 is a desktop replacement in a mainstreamnotebook’s body that delivers great value for the price.

Check out the entire review for a good look at the HDX16.

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