Eltrinex netbook sports 320 GB drive, VIA processor


EltrinixmobilepocHave a burning desire to carry your entire digital domain on a netbook but don’t want to upgrade to a larger hard drive yourself? Has Eltrinex got a deal for you with their MobilePC! This offering comes from the Czech Republic and tops out around $750, but sports a relatively gargantuan 320 GB hard drive. It’s also not Intel Atom based, so if you have a soft spot for VIA’s C7-M mobile processor, this and the HP Mini-Note should be on your netbook shortlist.

Other than those specs, the Eltrinex MobilePC is on par with other netbooks: 10.2-inch display, 1 GB of RAM, integrated 802.11 a/b/g and Bluetooth, plus a few USBs and a card reader. 802.11a support is pretty rare in netbooks and while some folks never embraced the protocol, I find it useful as a dedicated network for streaming video in my house. Nice to see at least one netbook maker hasn’t forgotten about it.

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