Daily Apple: iTunes, iPhone, Chrome, & Anniversaries


Get iTunes 7’s Album View back in iTunes 8 – Think the album view from iTunes 7 is gone? Think again.

iPhoneModem – If you’re the jailbreaking type and want to share your iPhone’s internet connection with your computer, check this out. This unsupported app will set you back $10.

Remote 1.1 Released – Use your iPhone/iPod touch to control iTunes and AppleTV. This update includes the ability to create Genius playlists as well as create and edit regular playlists in iTunes.

Google’s Chrome ported to Mac by CrossOver – Itching to try out Google’s Chrome browser? Well, if you want an official Google version you’ll have to wait. But if you’re the alpha-type, check out Chromium…a Mac and Linux port of Google’s Chrome browser.

Happy Anniversary, Steve! – On September 16, 1985 Jobs resigned from his position at Apple. On September 16, 1997 he reclaimed that position. Happy 11th year of giving Apple another go, Steve!

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