Carry and use a virtual operating system… on your iPhone


Iphone_sentinelLet me be frank: I’m too timid to run the software I’m about to tell you about. OK, that’s not entirely true, but it requires a Windows XP SP2 machine and I’ve got SP3 on my netbook. Seriously! I’m talking about MokaFive’s iPhone USB Sentinel application. From what I can glean, USB Sentinel allows you to run a virtual PC environment directly from a USB tethered iPhone.

This approach reminds me of the MojoPac solution that literally runs a Windows environment directly from an iPod or other USB device. Similar to MojoPac, you create a "LivePC" with MokaFive which is comprised of an operating system and apps. One difference is that the LivePCs can be created and pushed through a central server, providing control in enterprise environments. Here’s a brief feature list from the MokaFive folks:

Now you can run LivePC™ virtual machines off your iPhone! iPhone Sentinel makes your iPhone appear as a disk drive on your computer, allowing you to install any software you want on it. It also includes the features of USB Sentinel:

    • prevents you from losing data due to an accidental unplug
    • optimizes writing to the drive so your iPhone will last longer
    • and improves performance, especially when operating on smaller files

    At the moment this is just a technical preview and since I have the Mobilize trip coming up tomorrow, I’m not in a position to hose up either my iPhone or my MSI Wind. When I return on Saturday though… that’s a different story. I want to see if this is truly portable virtual environment tool or simply a way to run portable apps and use my iPhone as a hard drive.

    (via NYT)



    Kevin, they have a Mac OS X version of the USB software that turns the iphone into a USB flash drive (with their optimizer secret sauce to speed it up and help it last longer).

    They have a portable environment kinda like U3 that exploits VMware Fusion on the Mac to let you run VM’s directly of USB flash drives (or an iPhone with their software).

    You could skip the windy netbook SP3 madness and just grab the Mac OS X version of their USB tool and run it on your Macbook Pro. But all it really does is turn your iPhone into a USB flash disk. Personally I’ve got 200MB of room left on my 16GB 3G so this tool isn’t too interesting to me… and I suspect my brand new Sandisk Extreme III 4GB SDHC 30MBps edition card is faster anywy. :-)

    this, if comboed with cloud sync of files onto the phone itself, and accessible by the virtual os, could allow someone to carry their work environment in their pocket.

    that is, if one could agree on a common VM format of some sort for “terminals”…

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