Wiggio: A Just-Launched Free, Web Collaboration Tool


Have you tried Wiggio yet? It’s a group collaboration tool that just launched into public beta today. It’s pretty fast to get started with, and caters to groups who want to do things like keep collective lists of tasks up, or collect serialized information about shared projects.

The sign-up for Wiggio sits right on the home page, and a confirmation e-mail takes you right into the application. I started using it in under two minutes.

The first thing to do to get going with Wiggio is to click Create a New Group, for which you’ll provide a group name, password and the purpose of the group. Then, you can begin inviting others to the group. Group members can share documents in sortable lists, poll each other for answers to group questions, and more. Each new group gets a home page where new information can be kept up-to-date. You can choose to have posted comments sent to your e-mail address so that you don’t have to be in Wiggio to keep up with your group.

Group members can also access e-mail addresses and phone numbers for others in a shared group, for one-on-one communication. Group members can provide cell phone numbers and communicate by text messaging, using a group directory. And, Wiggio makes most views of the updated information it collects sortable, so it looks like if you collect a large volume of items, you won’t get lost in the collective sea.

Wiggio was created at Cornell University and is largely aimed at college students, but its ease-of-use and the flexibility it offers to get your group information within the application or outside it is very good. If I end up using it on an ongoing basis with others, I will set it up so that I can get group reminders and updates by e-mail as much as possible.

I’ve used other collaboration tools such as Hiveminder, which is pretty good too. For sharing lists of distributed tasks, and keeping up with group comments, Wiggio is worth a try.


Jerry M

Thanks for this post!! Wiggio is indeed a great collaboration tool for informal groups. I’d been using Taroby http://www.taroby.org for formal communication and collaboration with my team in my organization. Taroby helps teams to share e-mail account among all its team members. Taroby has also got features like unified messaging, calendar,reminders, calculators and many more…Do check it out!!


Wiggio is a good idea.
http://www.bluetracker.com is a similar web based collaboration communication and document management tool. Our tool automatically converts files to PDF and creates a thumbnail. The thumbnail can be embedded in the hyperlink e-notification and documents can be uploaded both as a Source File as well as a PDF. Saas and a central archiving repository, your ability to access, contribute and be in the loop is available to you 24/7 wherever you are in he world. You might want to check it out. Cheers


They did a really good job of making it simple. Although, I think they could use more features around member management and group communication. You can take a look at Convos, http://www.convos.com. We try to focus more on overall group management than just group collaboration. Plus, our interface is built using Adobe Flex to provide a more desktop-like experience through the browser.

I think if Wiggio stays focused on simplicity and adds some more value-add features, then they will be in a good place.

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