jkOnTheRun welcomes TheAppleBlog to the GigaOM network!


The exciting news has just been released that GigaOM has acquired TheAppleBlog!  According to GigaOM this is part of the GigaOM expansion that brought jkOnTheRun into their family too and we welcome TheAppleBlog.  The folks behind it will discover what a great thing it is to be part of a dynamic and well-respected organization like GigaOm.  You can get more information from GigaOm and TheAppleBlog.



James Kendrick

Guys. You may be joking but for those who aren’t sure TheAppleBlog is a separate blog to jkOnTheRun. We are NOT changing, GigaOM has purchased another blog.


Guys that is awesome news! Glad to see the name change and look forward to seeing new Apple stories! Good work!


Kevin and James, Congratulations on the name change. It’s about time. Let’s hope that this first step towards more honesty helps to restore some of the credibility that you’ve lost in the mobile tech community since migrating from your roots in recent years. Will this old domain name continue to work, or should we update our bookmarks/feeds?

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