Palm Treo 700wx joins the Windows Mobile 6 fray

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Treo700wxupdate122vzwOne of the first Windows Mobile Treos becomes one of the last to get the Windows Mobile 6 upgrade. At this point, I actually would have expected the Treo 700wx to just jump right up to WinMo 6.1, but I suppose it’s about the journey and not the destination, right? Verizon customers with the Treo 700wx running firmware 1.22 can grab their free update direct from Palm, but make sure you’ve got ActiveSync 4.5 as well because you’ll need that too.

Not sure if Windows Mobile 6 is your thing? Take a load off, relax and run through the 348 page PDF manual for the Treo 700wx with the newest mobile OS from Microsoft. Well, almost the newest since everyone else seems to be getting WinMo 6.1 these days. ;) All kidding aside, I found Windows Mobile 6 to be far more stable than its predecessor and it also provided several new features and functions that made it worth my while. Your mileage may vary of course. Note that this is a "once and done" deal: if you take the red pill and upgrade, there’s no going back to Windows Mobile 5.

(via Treonauts)

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And it appears that those of us with a 700wx and Sprint get screwed. WM6 is only for Verizon customers. Bastards.

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