OS X 10.5.5 Released


Today, Apple released its 5th update to OS X 10.5 (Leopard).

The update is currently available via Software Update and should be available on the Apple website within a few hours.

The last update (10.5.4) was released on June 30. Apple has, on average, released an update to 10.5 every 65 days.

This update includes quite a few bug fixes and updates to Address Book, Disk Utility, iCal, Mail, MobileMe, and Time Machine. Almost all of the updates to these apps include some sort of “reliability” or “performance” fix.

If you dare to be a pioneer and install this guy right away, let us know in the comments if you run in to any issues or if you notice any particular issues that are fixed for you.



FYI: I’m one of many apple users who’ve been unable to use the superdrive to write to DVD for the last 5 months.

I can confirm this update seems to fix this nasty problem.


To Frank Chen:
Sounds like you have a problem with a preferences file or your preferences directory.


Macbook Pro install went quickly and without problem, as usual. Mail, Word, Quicken, and iTunes Applications seem to respond more rapidly.

Frank Chen

Just installed it on my Intel iMac. No issues yet, but it still has no fixed a most annoying bug where the OS does not remember my keyboard preferences.

After a reboot, I always have to open the Keyboard preference pane to have it take my Modifier Keys mappings. Because it’s a Mac, I don’t reboot that often. But still, the only purpose of a preference pane is to remember a preference. How hard can it be to actually read the value at startup time??!!

Mike Gunderloy

Installed it on my MacBook Pro. No immediate ill effects to report. It remains to be seen whether this will be the release that finally fixes ongoing Time Machine/Time Capsule issues for me.

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