New Electric Car Coming from Venturi & Michelin

Monaco-based electric car maker Venturi and French tire giant Michelin have said they will show off a new, next-gen electric supercar at the upcoming Paris Auto Show in early October. The companies are holding onto the details until the unveiling but promise “unprecedented architecture, dynamic qualities and overall technological excellence.”

We wonder which direction the Franco-Monaco joint effort will go. Venturi’s three vehicles, while all electric, share little in terms of aesthetic or functional design. The Fetish is a €297,000 ($422,000) monster of a sportscar with an unfortunate name and carbon fiber body. Production of the vehicle, which makes the Tesla look like a steal, was delayed earlier this year when Venturi said it beefed up the engine — now flexing 300 HP and 380 Nm of torque (280 lb-ft) — enough to make Tesla fanboys wonder. The Fetish’s “exclusive and avant-garde clientele” are hoping for their rides starting in June 2009.

Venturi’s second known project is the “energy-autonomous” Eclectic. The Eclectic’s roof sports a personal turbine and is covered in solar panels, a trend we appreciate. The vehicle is also a plug-in, able to smart charge on a presumably clean grid. Still a concept car, the Eclectic had its Hollywood premiere as a police car of the future in Babylon A.D., starring Vin Diesel and Gerard Depardieu, pictured below.

The company’s most recent project is its solar-powered Astrolab, which has reportedly been entered in the World Solar Challenge, a solar-powered auto rally across the Australian Outback. The Astrolab is able to recharge its liquid-cooled NiMH Venturi NIV-7 batteries on the go using 3.6 square meters of “nano-prism concentrating photovoltaic cells.”

On Oct. 2 Venturi will release the details on its latest in high-minded electric innovation.

Image courtesy of Venturi.