Lost phones phone home and annoy new “owner” too

MaverickmobilelogoI’m all for technology that helps recover mobile gear, but I’m wondering if this solution called Maverick Secure Mobile is going too far. It’s definitely what I’d call full-featured based on these aspects:

  • Data Protection: if the software detects a different SIM card in your phone, it encrypts your data.
  • Device Tracking: if lost, the phone will send an SMS to a secondary device. Not only does it send the phone number of the new SIM, but also phone activity information such as outgoing and incoming calls.
  • Phonebook Retrieval: you can send an SMS to your lost phone and request information from your phonebook. I’m not sure how well this will work as it sends the data back through SMS; with numerous contacts, you won’t want to get your whole phonebook this way, but in a pinch, you can grab a name a number pretty easily.
  • Spy Call: Here’s where it begins to get interesting. From a secondary device, you can actually call your lost phone and this feature will silently enable the loudspeaker and microphone on it. Maverick Mobile says that this will let you listen in on any calls made or received with your lost phone. The new "owner" apparently will have no idea that they’re being eavesdropped on.
  • Alarm and Disable: Once you’ve had your fill of listening in on calls, you can send a remote SMS command to your lost phone. The lost phone will show an SMS message where you can put your address and offer a reward to get your phone back; it also causes the phone to play an alarm siren. Call me crazy, but if I found a phone that was annoying me with an alarm, I’d probably pull the battery out before I even saw the SMS message
For the moment, Maverick Secure Mobile is only supported on Symbian S60, 3rd edition devices. There’s no price shown on the product page that I can see, but the product was just shown at DEMO, and I’d expect details to be forthcoming. And now I’m going to be wondering all day long just who can hear my phone calls.

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