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Justin.TV Goes QVC With Talk Market

The big question surrounding live video streaming services so far has been how they plan to make money. Today, in the hopes of finding an answer, is introducing a home shopping channel.

The livecasting company is partnering with Amazon-backed e-commerce company The Talk Market to offer “one-time-only deals and incredibly creative inventions,” (not that they’re overselling it). The 1-hour broadcasts will be filmed in New York and hosted by Christine Gambito (aka YouTube’s “HappySlip”), and the two companies will share in the revenue.

Watch live video from Talk Market on

Shows will run throughout the week of Sept. 15-19, airing at 1:30 p.m. EST, and will feature chats with live guests and the ability to click and purchase featured items. The initial batch of sellers cover a wide range of markets including Japanese pop toys, music, green products and jewelry.

Talk Market CEO Matt Singer said this first run of shows is just the start, that the two companies are mapping out other partnership possibilities, such as powering video for The Talk Market.

But don’t expect a million little mini-QVCs starring everyday livecasters to pop up quite yet. According to Silicon Alley Insider, users launching their home shopping channel is a “possibility,” but is waiting to see how this e-commerce foray works out.

Companies in the livecasting space are all searching for that golden business model, or at least a business model. Mogulus, which just got $10 million from Gannett, is rolling out a “pro” service; Ustream, which raised $11 million, has been partnering with big organizations like the Republican party; and Stickam launched a pay-per-view service this past summer.

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  1. Just as it’s hard to keep up with the video space, it’s even harder to identify the leaders in the growing landscape. Flash, JavaFX and Silverlight are feeding RIA’s as UMPC’s, Tablets, MID’s and SmartPhones lead the device discussions….they all agree, ‘there’s only one internet’ and convergence is going mainstream….
    Any one covering IBC? What are the biggest stories….
    Sounds like a big push to mobile video by dozens of ‘regional’ companies. Any one cover the On2 news of VP8?
    Thanks Chris or Liz, appreciate any feedback!