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N810Just in time for the Mobilize conference, GigaOM has a brief poll regarding Mobile Internet Devices. Who better to offer up their thoughts than the excellent and well informed jkOTR audience, right? If you have a few minutes, consider sharing your thoughts in the poll, which is being conducted by Dr. Phil Hendrix of IMMR. I’ve taken the poll and I’ve also shared my thoughts on the MID space with Dr. Phil (no, not THAT one!) and he’s very interested to see what consumers think of MIDs.Ironically, I was first introduced to him on the very day that I asked if MIDs were dying a slow, painful death. Now’s your chance to tell him & his team what you think. There aren’t too many questions so if you have a few minutes, here’s the poll link.



I am not too interested in MID’s to me what people want is a simple pocket laptop that has wireless. So far there nobody has made that yet. What I am talking about is a touch type keyboard full PC OS computer that when folded is small enough to fit in a jacket pocket. An ideal form to model would be the popular Psion 5mx/revo of the 1990’s if you could stuff full MS OS and provide wimax or other wireless ability that is what more would buy and want.

To me the MID does exactly what a PDA phone does so why buy one. A PDA phone can not be used for real computer use as they do not have full windows, have a screen not able to dispaly documents properly, no touch type keyboard, etc. Thus what has yet to be created is more of a true pocket laptop; if MIDS were changed to that, they would be popular, if not I predict a slow death.


Wish they had a way to having the MID be a complete package in terms of taking over the smartphone division.

They have the better user experience for the most part (taking the Nokia N810 as the example)

The size of it is not too big and not too small, all it was missing was a to make normal cell phone calls and have 3G built on and you have yourself a killer smartphone.


What an odd survey.

Based on the type of questions, there appeared to be some interesting assumptions:

1. Anyone using a MID would be either a computer techy or governement official

2. That MID’s would be at best a secondary unit, and not a primary one with “cloud” connections

3. And that anything NOT a 12″ laptop or bigger is a MID.

Sorry, James…I don’t think the gentleman has a clue.

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