Google enables Gears for Safari


GooglegearssafariLast month saw a pretty buggy beta of Google Gears for Safari; heck, let’s be truthful: it was probably closer to an alpha. That’s all irrelevant now because Gears is available for Safari if you have better than Tiger 10.4.11 or Leopard 10.5.3. The timing on this is pretty good as I moved back to Safari on my MacBook Pro about two weeks ago. For some reason, Firefox 3 was causing the fan to run constantly. Just starting Firefox with a single tab would do it without fail. I didn’t see the issue on my PCs so I’m still Firefoxing on the Windows side.

In any case, this is good news and fits in with my worst-case disaster / cloud backup scenario: it would help mitigate another untimely Google Docs outage. Having Gears lets me still use Safari but keep Google Reader and Google Docs information available in the event of a connectivity loss or outage. Now all I need is a much smaller machine that runs OS X to get the full effect. Hmm… maybe Leopard on that MSI Wind deserves a second thought!

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