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Giga Omni Media Acquires The Apple Blog

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In November of 2004, a few months after I got my first Mac (a PowerMac G5), I registered not really having any big plans of what I’d do with the site. I was a senior design student in college and just wanted a new site to design and something to write about.

My first post was, shall we say, anti-climactic…but I had to start somewhere. Within the first week of the site being up, I somehow convinced three different people to write some 20+ posts, and within a month, with the addition of another couple writers, had close to 80 posts.

But I seriously doubt that TAB would have lasted for more than a few months had it not been for the massive amounts of effort put in by Dan Lurie, Chris Holland and Nick Santilli. Those three guys, plus the combined efforts of some 65+ contributors over the past four years, have made TAB what it is today. I was so lucky to find so many people who wanted to help out, and I’m truly grateful for every single person who has contributed over the years.

So, with all of the “I love you man” out of the way, I’ve got some really great news. As of Friday, Sept. 12, The Apple Blog is now a part of the Giga Omni Media family! Giga Omni Media is home to publications such as GigaOM and WebWorkerDaily, as well as the Mobilize Conference and the GigaOm Show.

So what the heehaw does that mean for all of you?

What it does not mean is that we’ll be making massive changes that will make us lame. Lame isn’t on the list of things we’d like to do with the blog…so have no fear. What it does mean is that we’ll be able to provide you with more iPhone/iPod coverage, more news analysis, more product reviews, more Mac tips and tricks, and more quality coverage in general of anything and everything related to Apple.

I’m honored for The Apple Blog to be a part of such a solid group of publications, and really look forward to where The Apple Blog will go in the coming months and years. I’ll be staying on board with the transition as will a number of our great contributors.

Finally, thanks so much for being a reader of The Apple Blog. It really means a lot to have so many people enjoying and getting a thing or two out of our articles. My hope is that we can continue to provide you with the content you want to read with the quality you deserve.

And, as a side note, if you’ll be in San Francisco for the Mobilize Conference (or just there in general this Wednesday through Friday), let me know. We could have a little TAB meetup.

42 Responses to “Giga Omni Media Acquires The Apple Blog”

  1. @Tod: More resources, writers, contacts, etc. I can’t go in to details of the transaction, but we’ll have significantly greater resources for getting the information/software/hardware/contacts/etc to write more frequently (instead of the 3-5 day gaps we occasionally have) and with greater accuracy.

  2. Josh wrote: “What it does mean is that we’ll be able to provide you with more iPhone/iPod coverage, more news analysis, more product reviews, more Mac tips and tricks, and more quality coverage in general of anything and everything related to Apple.”

    Just how will an acquisition enable more, more more, and more of more? While I’m sure you had some incentives to do this, I really don’t see how all this “more” business will turn TAB into something better than it already is and how you will get “more” because of it.

    Perhaps you’d care to elucidate?

    Everyone’s congratulating you but for what? For letting your mother-in-law move into your house?

  3. Congratulations! I have been reading The Apple Blog for the past year and it’s definitely my favorite Apple-centric blog. TAB has a bright future ahead of it and I’m really looking forward to seeing it unfold.

  4. Congrats, this is the only apple blog that I subscribe too, why? because it’s interesting and very well written and cuts through the crap which unfortunately a lot of apple blogs seem to offer.

    Om, you’ve bought a good blog and may it grow.

    My one concern is that you may try to turn theappleblog into the more mainstream apple blogs (big, brash and updated every second!) but hopefully we’ll still be seeing the same content from you guys.

    Keep it up guys and good luck in the future.


  5. we love you guys on theappleblog and want to assure the community that everything is going to remain pretty much the same, except josh will have more time to blog and develop his passions. thanks all and great to be part of your community. hopefully you will come visit us on gigaom as well.