Gears for Safari Now Available


Gears, Google’s “browser improver” (for lack of a better term), has come out of beta and is now officially available for Safari.

Gears is a browser plugin that extends its functionality by allowing it do things like store data locally in a searchable database as well as run JavaScript in the background to improve performance. A common example of its use is to allow web applications to be accessed offline.

Gears requires an applications developer to implement the functionality in to their site, so there aren’t a huge number of sites that make use of Gears.

A few that currently do:

If you’re a developer, you can checkout the Gears API and get started on implementing it in to your site.



You forgot one of the most important apps that uses Google Gears… WordPress. The most recent version uses gears to allow offline editing. This lets you write posts, etc. without being online.

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