Errol Morris and Tom Green, Lehman Bros. News: NTV Station Today


The extended version of Errol Morris’s Stand Up To Cancer features interviews with a wide spectrum of cancer survivors (including Friend of NewTeeVee Tom Green) about their experiences — it’s an intensely human eight minutes of humor and sorrow.

And lacking, as I do, a keen understanding of basic economics, when a major story like Lehman Brothers going bankrupt breaks, I turn to the news media for more information. But how do two different agencies use online video to cover these incidents? We compare the Associated Press and Bloomberg’s coverage of the recent economic turmoil over on NewTeeVee Station!



For those of you who don’t know Bloomberg “So called financial news” and AP are just propaganda for the “Exterme left” Nut bags like the Airhead Poster. If you don’t believe me Google it (ie:AP Bias and such).Bloomberg got sued by women for sex bias (Pregnancy) also so that should tell you enough.

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