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DECE = Cloud + DRM?

Coming_soon_logoIn a few short months we’ll be attending the Consumer Electronics Show and for once, I’m actually interested in an initiative more than any particular device I might see there. This January, we should hear more details about DECE or the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem. Maybe because it sounds cloud-like it got my attention. ;) Actually, the reason I’m interested in it is because it has the lofty, ambitious goal of allowing for downloadable content that can be used easily on multiple devices.

Today I consume content from various systems, each with their own barriers and DRM implementations. These range from iTunes, Amazon, Hulu, Xbox Live Marketplace, vudu, and more. That content is consumed on HDTVs, a handful of notebooks, netbooks and UMPCs plus my phone. Wouldn’t it be nice if all of that content was accessible from a centralized location and could be played on any of my devices as I saw fit? Well, provided said devices are compatible with the DECE standards, that is.

That’s what DECE is hoping for and they have most of the players to make it happen. Names like Sony, Microsoft, Intel, Philips, Best Buy and many more content provides, studios, retailers and tech companies. Noticeably missing from the list of participants? Disney and Apple, who probably like their content ecosystem just fine the way it is. Obviously, the devil’s in the details here and right now those details are scant. Look for more in January; that’s definitely one media event I plan to hit up at CES because if these companies can pull it off, I’d embrace the vision they’re touting. Hopefully this all goes better than the "Plays for Sure" initiative…

One Response to “DECE = Cloud + DRM?”

  1. Repeat after me three times:

    DRM is BA-A-A-A-AD!
    DRM is BA-A-A-A-AD!
    DRM is BA-A-A-A-AD!

    The solution is to give up on DRM. But we are talking about Hollywierd, so it’s no surprise.

    I’m not buying into it.

    All the money they spend on this will be wasted, and they’ll be going to Congress with hat in hand asking for succor.