Daily Apple: iPhone MMS, New Harddrives, Front Row Update


Seagate FreeAgent Go Drives Debuted – Seagate announced it’s next generation of absurdly thin notebook-sized drives. The drives start at around $160 for a 250GB.

Picture messaging for the iPhone – Send free, unlimited picture messages and geo-tagged location to any mobile phone in the world. Have the convenience of sending multi-media messages (MMS) to virtually any mobile phone number in your iPhone contact book.

Front Row 2.1.6 Update – Provides improved iTunes 8 compatibility for the nine people that use Front Row. Available via Software Update or Apple’s website.

Things That Podcaster’s Rejection From the App Store Is Not About – Great bit by Gruber in response to claims that the Podcaster app’s rejection should have been expected. I’m with Gruber on this one.



Flutter is not worth your time. I just tried it, forget it it sucks.

Not MMS at all. It simply uploads a pic to their server and sends a link to the person. If they do not have a smartphone it is useless. The thing is buggy and many times their are errors! Use email and save yourself time!


I use Front Row daily and am proud of it! :-) It seems that his should be a Front Row site only… ;-) :-)


I guess I’m also one of those nine. FR could double its user-base if only Apple would make it “funner” and add some TV functionality.


TV is dead.

I’m on of the nine that uses Front Row, along with Unison, Transmission, and HandBrake to get and watch content on a 24″ iMac.

Josh Pigford

This is really quite extraordinary. Three of the 9 people that use Front Row not only read TAB, but they also have commented! Amazing! ;)

Professor Pan

Wild — I’m one of the other seven Front Row users! Does that make us all cylons?

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