Cricket adds EV-DO for $40 per month, no contract

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Cricket_logo_wireless_200Cricket may not be a giant wireless carrier but they seem to have stores on every corner here in Houston.  They recently added to their offering with unlimited 5 GB capped EV-DO for $40 monthly with no contract, something that may appeal to a bunch of folks.  Their service is a bit limited geographically with coverage initially in Las Vegas, Oklahoma City, St. Louis and "several Texas cities" but they intend to roll this out in all areas they service by end of the year.  I wonder who they are contracting their EV-DO from, Verizon or Sprint?  Note that you cannot use the Cricket service to run a server nor for VoIP.  Sorry Skypers.

(via engadget mobile)

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“unlimited” ? i don’t know about that.
this is an excerpt from their acceptable use webpage:

“We reserve the right to limit throughput or amount of data transferred, and to deny or terminate service, without notice; to anyone we believe is using the Cricket Broadband service in any manner prohibited above or whose usage adversely impacts our network or service levels. Anyone using more than 5 GB per line in a given month is presumed to be using the service in a manner prohibited above, and we reserve the right to limit throughput or immediately terminate the service of any such person without notice. “

Man that smells familiar.

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