Coffee break- charging the gear


Coffee_man_2Into day four without power and I am happily sitting in Starbucks charging my two laptops and my iPhone to top off the batteries.  Houston is still a mess due to Ike but some businesses are open, although not that many.  The Starbucks I am sitting in is the fourth one I went to before finding one open and it is packed to the walls with caffeine and power-starved folks.  There are at least 15 laptops in here being charged as people are desperate to get online, many for the first time in days.  I was thinking ahead when I brought my Monster Outlets-to-go portable power strip as it has provided extra outlets for me and a few others who desperately need to tap into the grid.  I’ll try to charge all of my batteries before heading out so I’m likely going to be here for a while.  For fellow Houstonians looking for coffee/ power this is the Starbucks at 249 & 1960 in the center with Circuit City.  They have no dairy nor pastries so be aware.  I am happy to see that T-Mobile, AT&T and Starbucks have the WiFi open and free for everyone due to the situation.  Kudos to them all.



Wow, it seems strange that I live so close to you, I’m right on 290 and Highway 6. :)

Its too bad much of Houston is lacking power and water, ours was out for just one day and even then it was quite a pain. ; )

Wish you the best of luck!


After Katrina, T-mobile was at least one of the first up, and maybe the first up in Biloxi. I was at a charrette there (intense design workshop) about 6 weeks after the event, and was jealous of people with T-mobile. I have it now.

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