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Weekend Vid Picks: Ladies On Sarah Palin

This week’s ABC interview with Sarah Palin has been big news, and of course, excitement is high over whether or not Tina Fey will return to SNL Saturday night to fulfill her destiny by sending up the candidate. The online video reaction to all of this has been tremendous, and the loudest voices this week are those of the women (well, the women and Matt Damon).

While making the press rounds to promote this weekend’s release of The Women, cast members Annette Bening and Eva Mendez were diplomatic about the governor’s experience and family situation. But writer/director Diane English admits to excitement over the synergy between American politics and her new feature, declaring this to be “the year of the woman.” I hope that’s not just because Sex and the City made a billion dollars. Sadly, I think it probably is.

While Pamela Anderson never created a hit TV series like English did, perhaps that leaves her freer to speak her mind about the candidate.

Not all of the commentary is negative — Republican women including Michelle Malkin, Wendy Sullivan, Freeman Hunt, and Pamela Geller participated in this Sarah Palin tribute video, in which they proudly declare that “I am Sarah Palin.”

But Gina Gershon takes this approach literally, though, for a Funny or Die exclusive. Gershon plays Palin as sweet, bubbly, and still very much in command of her pageant roots.

And really, Gershon is playing softball — at least in comparison to the sketch troupe One Hot Mess, which gets savage. “Finally, a candidate our vaginas can relate to” is just the beginning of this assault on the girl-power-for-the-sake-of-girl-power mentality.

Most of the Palin commentary is fairly negative, but no matter what side of the party lines you choose to wander, women owe it to themselves to focus on Palin’s experience and background, not her gender.  Because if we continue to only evaluate Sarah Palin as The Candidate With a Uterus and she then blows it, it doesn’t matter who’s right and who’s wrong — it all just sets us all back a little further.