Earth2Tech Week in Review


The doldrums of summer time are gone and the cleantech world is ready to hunker down as fourth quarter rapidly approaches. Here’s the news from this week.

Google’s Eric Schmidt Details Energy Plan, Chides Lack of Leadership: At a dinner for the Corporate EcoForum, Google CEO Eric Schmidt outlined a plan to wean the U.S. off of foreign oil, fight climate change and create green jobs, adding: “We have a total failure of political leadership, at least in the U.S., and perhaps the world.”

Pickens Meet Phill: Clean Energy Fuels Buys Natural Gas Vehicle Device Maker: Pickens’ natural gas vehicle distribution company Clean Energy Fuels (CLNE) plans to acquire FuelMaker from American Honda Corp. and the FuelMaker Trust for $17 million in cash.

Palin on Foreign Policy: It’s About Energy: In her first interview since being tapped for V-P, Palin said that her work in energy is a strong credential for her foreign policy credibility and asserted that “energy is a foundation of national security.” She also modified her stance on global warming, saying it could be man-made.

Think Recharging With Big Funds for Electric Vehicles?: Think Global AS, maker of the highway certified two-seater electric car TH!NK city, is reportedly looking to raise a third round of funding in the neighborhood of $80 million to increase production capacity.

Leaked Chevy Volt Pics Get Gear Heads All Revved Up: Pictures of Chevy’s hugely anticipated Volt were “accidentally” leaked onto the Internet, and now they’re every where from the Wall Street Journal to, well, seemingly everywhere the Internet goes.

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