Blogging Ike- made it through the night, it goes on

We made it through the night.  All of us hunkered down in the main downstairs room for safety.  The winds have been relentless and still buffet the trees and house fearsomely.  So far we can’t really see that much but can see that one of the trees in the backyard has been uprooted.  It hasn’t fallen over yet but it looks like it will.  This tree is causing one of the long hedges to be pushed out of the ground and the hedge is standing up strangely.  I can see roof shingles all over the ground, front and back.


The latest report on the radio puts us in hurricane force winds for at least another 3 hours so it feels like it’s going on forever.  They are saying the storm proper will not be out of the area until tonight so we have all day to enjoy the wind and rain.  I am conserving the batteries in my gear for keeping up with news and the occasional blog post here.  I am still showing over 4.5 hours battery left on the HP 2710p, an amazing amount considering how much I have used it for the occasional video coverage.  The MacBook Pro is showing I have another 6 hours of battery left so I’m covered for the rest of today.  As always in a situation like this I am really thankful for the Verizon Broadband Access EV-DO.  It’s a lifesaver.