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Blogging Ike- assessing the damage

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The winds are still strong but not as ferocious as they have been since last night so we’ve been able to begin a very preliminary assessment of the damage that Ike inflicted.  I’ve mentioned the uprooted tree in the back yard, it may be salvageable I hope.  Perhaps they can transplant it.  On a more serious note we have determined there is a leak in the roof which means some damage up there.  There is a very slow leak in one of the bedroom closets upstairs.  It’s not leaking much but roof damage is never easy to deal with.  That particular side of the house must have been hit harder as the fence between my house and the one next door is completely down.  It looks like it was simply blown over by the hurricane force winds.  There is also a small leak in the front door around the beveled glass insert.  It didn’t leak a lot but the high force with which the wind blew the rain into the door looks like it forced water through the seal of the glass.

All in all that’s pretty minor and we are lucky if this is the extent of our damage from Hurricane Ike.  We can’t walk around outside yet so we may find some more surprises later.  I hope not but it’s too early to tell.  If we can just get the wind and rain to stop for a while we’ll be OK.  At least it has slowed down enough that we feel like the end is in sight and that’s a nice feeling.  This is far from over though, as it will probably be a while before power can be restored.  With such a large area suffering outages there is no telling how long before they get to our area.  The same will apply to repairmen to get the roof and other things fixed.  There will almost certainly be a huge backlog for qualified repair people so we’ll just have to get in line with everyone else.  It could have been much worse and for that we’re thankful.  I hope everyone in the area came through as swimmingly as we have, no pun intended.

Millions of people like us are now all faced with getting appropriate repairs done and we will all need it at the same time.  This will lead to frustrating delays but just hang in there, it will all get fixed.  A lot of people will be dealing with insurance companies for these repairs and I’m afraid that many will find out what going with a "budget" insurance company will end up costing them in time and money.  Bear with your insurance company employees as they are now over-worked.  Be civil to them, this is not their fault and they will take care of you as soon as they can.  You catch more flies with honey, so they say.  A word of caution based on experience: hordes of unscrupulous con men will come out of the woodwork to take advantage of those who need help.  Whatever you do go with reputable companies to get your repair work done.  It’s not worth the risk to save a few bucks and if they promise to save you a lot more than that it’s probably too good to be true.  And you know what they say if it sounds too good to be true..

5 Responses to “Blogging Ike- assessing the damage”

  1. Ben Smith

    Good to know that you made it through! Since you’re going to be getting a wired mouse, maybe you could use one of your wireless mice and some duct tape to make some roof repairs!

  2. Wow. We complain about our temperate climate in Scotland (cool, wet, breezy) but we never have to face storms like you guys get.

    Good luck getting back to normal James. That Generator suggestion sounds like a good idea, and we expect a full review of how many gadgets you can run off it! :-)

  3. Glad to hear you are okay. We went 9 days w/o power in 04, and 6 days on 05 here in Florida. We had a generator in 05 and that kept the fridge running and the occasional Tivo’d movie so I highly recommend one if you do not have a generator. Good luck and hopefully soon you will get power.