Joongel: Searching 10 Sites From One Spot

Recently, I did a post on SearchBoth, which presents an easy way to search Google and Yahoo concurrently. I like the idea of searching multiple engines at once, and this post from caught my eye for the same type of task. The post discusses Joongel, which lets you get search results from 10 leading sites in various categories.

Some of the categories Joongel offers up, such as Cooking and Health, aren’t going to be directly up the alley of web workers, but others are quite useful. For example, when I went to search for images of Steve Jobs, I got a toolbar like the one seen above listing 10 image search sites that I could easily flip between to compare search results.

Joongel looks to be especially useful for searching for images and videos, but it also does general searches across 10 search sites. I did run into a nagging problem with it, though. Joongel opens search results from the various sources it uses in separate tabs and windows, which can be a problem if you have a pop-up blocker loaded. I was unable to get it to work in Firefox, for example, even when I held down the Ctrl key (which usually disables all pop-up blocking).

Joongel ran successfully in Internet Explorer. While I don’t think I’ll use it as a primary search engine, for image searches and any searches where I’m looking for results that may be differentiated from the norm, it’s useful. I was easily able to cycle between image libraries on Google, Yahoo, Flickr and many other sites from one spot, without retyping search strings or URLs.


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