HP 2730p video review


Warner Crocker of GottaBeMobile has posted a video review of the HP 2730p Tablet PC.  The 2730p is the refresh of my favorite 2710p Tablet PC and it is a sweet convertible notebook.  I played with the 2730p for a bit at the HP office and I love the way HP kept the best features of the 2710p but changed what needed to be changed to make it better on the 2730p.  That jog wheel is a joy to use and the new trackpad will make a lot of folks very happy.  The 2730p uses the same accessories originally sold for the 2710p so those with the dock and slice battery will get double use out of them with the 2730p.  Check out Warner’s video of the 2730p to get a feel for why I love the form factor.  One note, Warner mentions QuickLook 2 which is installed on the 2730p that is used with Outlook for mobile workers.  QuickLook 2 lets the user check his Outlook data when the device is powered off or in hibernation without having to power the full Windows up.  Warner mentioned that it would work while the 2730p is booting up only but it’s really designed for giving you a quick look at PIM data when the machine is powered off.

UPDATE: please visit GBM to view the video.  Their server was bogged down and slowing our page refresh so we removed it.  Thanks!



Hello there from down under in Australia,

My question is in regard to viewing movies on the 2730p is the picture and sound quality good. I am deliberating between the TX2525 and the 2730p. I use mso applications, including outlook emails, please help me make the right decision.

I like the sound of the 2730p but weight is also an issue how heavy is the tablet when I need to travel with the docking station and DVD player ?

Could you show a demo of viewing a movie ?



Looks like a nice one. Wonder if HP loads it up with crapware?

What is it with MS Works?


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