Eepybird’s Sticky Notes, Erik Estrada: NTV Station Today


It’s been a light week for sketch comedy starring former CHiPs, so from Runaway Box comes 2nd Semester of Spanish: Spanish Love Song, in which a young man attempts to woo his love with broken espanol and, um, Erik Estrada.

And the Diet Coke and Mentos guys’ latest experiment, a dazzling display of Post-it art, only inspires one question from its viewers — why did Spectacular Sticky Note Experiment premiere during the ABC Family miniseries Samurai Girl, and why the show’s stars participate in the antics? I asked Eepybird, and they answered at NewTeeVee Station.



HA! love it

Every time I see you guys put up a video of something I’m eager to see what it’s going to be.

Tim Street

What’s the deal on the Eepybird Sticky Notes Video?

Obviously Office Depot paid some money. Did ABC Family put the deal together? Did Sticky Notes pay any money? And most importantly, WHO OWNS THE VIDEO?

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