Blogging Ike- storm surge is unprecedented

Authorities are expressing amazement at the level of storm surge that is already hitting the Gulf Coast due to Hurricane Ike.  Galveston Island is experiencing a 5 – 7 foot surge with an estimated 15 feet of additional storm surge expected at landfall in over 12 hours.  They just reported that in addition to the 20 feet of total storm surge expected based on what they are seeing already hitting the coast they believe there will be 20 feet of high waves on TOP of the storm surge.  This is going to be rough.  What has them so concerned is the huge size of Ike which has a tremendous impact on the storm surge that is being generated.  They are saying that massive flooding will extend very far inland as a result of this storm surge which one official just stated is nothing like they have seen in over 50 years.  They predict 5 – 10 inches of rainfall PER HOUR near the corridor where the eye of the storm will pass.  It’s going to be a very rough ride, and this doesn’t take into account the high winds.



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