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Reed Business’ Auction Running Into Trouble?

Reed Business Information’s second round auction may be running into trouble, as bidders are lowering their prices, reports Times UK. There are no bids close to its £1.25 billion ($2.5 billion) asking price and there is talk the unit may be worth as little as £800 million ($1.6 billion), the report says. Yet, there is still hope that Reed may be able to sell as a whole, with Bain Capital believed to be particularly interested, the story says. Is the piecemeal sale still possible? As for who’s in and who’s out in second round, read this.

4 Responses to “Reed Business’ Auction Running Into Trouble?”

  1. I used to work with a division of Reed Elsivier for several years at let me tell you it is one of the most poorly run companies I have ever had to work with. Im not surprised they havent sold yet, expecially for the price they are asking. Any prospective company that looks into how they are really run would run away as fast as they could.