@ CTIA: CBS Mobile Launches iPhone Citizen Journalism App


image*CBS* Mobile has taken its EyeMobile citizen journalism efforts from the Web to mobile by releasing an application for the iPhone, we have learned. The application is not currently available, but it has been approved by Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) and will be available soon. The application allows regular people to upload pictures concerning current events from their phone to the Web. Popular items recently include footage of hurricanes and political events. The application represents the first major effort from any of the TV networks since the app store launched.

When it was first unveiled in July, we noted that there were no applications from the major entertainment companies. Of the 554 applications that launched, 214 were considered entertainment, however, only six dealt with video, and only half of those actually played video. Still, this is only one step closer. CBS (NYSE: CBS) isn’t launching one of its major brands, but starting off with a citizen journalism site. Plus, the iPhone doesn’t record video, like other phones, so uploads will be limited to photos. A network employee, who asked to be unnamed, explained that when the app store first launched, Apple wasn’t clear in giving directions to the networks, which made the organizations react very slowly to building anything for the iPhone. The good news is that the source also said the delay had nothing to do with conflicts with Apple. Many people thought Apple would object to networks launching something that may compete with paid downloads from Apple’s iTunes store.

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