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She Speaks: Sarah Palin Interview Videos Blowing Up on the Web

We don’t know how many views they’ve accumulated yet, but we do know the story of the afternoon is ABC News publishing two clips and a selected transcript of Charlie Gibson’s much-awaited interview with vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin, the first portion of which airs tonight.

The story on ABC News already has more than 4000 comments, and search terms like “Sarah Palin interview” and “Sarah Palin Charlie Gibson” are blowing up on Google Trends.

In the two featured videos, Palin clarified her remarks on the Iraq war being a “task from God” and asserts her readiness to be vice president.

ABC is running a 30-second pre-roll before each 1- to 2-minute clip. The network doesn’t require the Move Networks plug-in to view its news clips like it does its entertainment. But the videos aren’t as accessible as they could be; ABC doesn’t offer an embeddable version of the interview, leading outlets like the Huffington Post to rip their own copy. Embedded above is a longer portion, presumably from the East Coast airing of World News, uploaded by a Palin supporter.

ABC is milking the clips across its programs for the next couple days, culminating in a full interview tomorrow night at 10 p.m. on 20/20.

8 Responses to “She Speaks: Sarah Palin Interview Videos Blowing Up on the Web”

  1. She is very much in tune with the founding principles of the US. This country was founded on the ideals of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The questions asked (in the clips) did seek answers to today’s issues, but rather were clarifying/position questions. And actually, she slipped in the drilling in Anwar as an issue she differs with McCain, which would reduce (to what level is arguable) US dependence on foreign oil.