Macworld 2009 Registration Now Open


Today, Appleā€™s biggest conference Macworld, opened for registration. The dates for Macworld 2009 will be January 5-9.

Apple has traditionally used Macworld as a time to make some fairly big product announcements and updates.

In 2008, Apple announced the MacBook Air, Time Capsule, iPod touch software update, Apple TV 2, and the iPhone/iPod touch SDK.

In 2007, they announced the iPhone, the final name for Apple TV, and the change of name from Apple Computer Inc. to Apple Inc.

The Macworld Expo Wikipedia page has a great rundown of all the announcements made at each Expo dating back to 1998.

The cost to attend Macworld varies greatly from as low as around $200 to as much as $1,900 so be sure to check out the Macworld Expo site for all the info.

Have you been to previous Macworld Expos? What was your overall experience like? Will you be going to Macworld 2009?



I just spoke with Paul Kent. He confirmed the error and stated that the policy will be the same as past years. Yay!


This is a post at the MacWorld Expo forums that says this was in error and the policy has been changed. I also am expecting a phone call from Paul Kent to confirm this. I will keep you all posted on what is going on. If they fixed this, Kudos to them.


Here is the email that I sent to Paul. Copy as much of it as you want, or simply copy it all, and add your agreement:

Dear Paul:

I am writing to express my concern about IDG’s sudden and unexplainable change in policy that only Platinum Pass holders, press (which is limited), and VIPs can see the KeyNote live. Everyone else MUST go to an overflow room. This is ridiculous and is causing many first-timers, such as myself, to consider canceling their plans. I am coming from quite a distance with my husband and have already expended 4K for those plans. In the past, if you got in line early enough, even us “lowlies” had at least a CHANCE of getting in the main hall with the knowledge that we MIGHT have to go to overflow. Now we are told (and people have confirmed this with IDG) that there is no chance at all for anyone else to get in. From what I understand the answer was given, then “let them buy $1800 tickets.” This is akin to “let them eat cake,” the community feels, quite frankly, screwed and that IDG is engaging in price-gouging. Basically you are asking me to spend between 8K and 10K to go to this event – more than 10 percent of my household income. Is this what it has come down to? It has been confirmed that the main hall holds over 6,000 people, and the elites account for less than half of that. Why the change? The community, from whom IDG is making the money, owes an explanation. I aske for one in the forums yesterday with no response, though it has only been one day, so obviously that is not enough time to reasonably expect a response. If IDG thinks they are going to sell more Plat Passes this way, they are sorely mistaken. Even if they sell a few more, everyone else who would have bought the $200 pass will now simply buy the $25 one, or not go at all, which is something I have to consider even though everything is already painstakingly planned and very eagerly awaited. My disappointment cannot be expressed deeply enough.

From my understandings of discussions that have already taken place with IDG representatives, it appears that IDG is simply ignorant of the Mac community, as odd as that might sound. Being in an overflow room and seeing it real-time is NOT the same as having a chance to be there. IDG apparently has no idea of the devotion of Apple fans to at least have one chance to get to see Steve work his magic live IN PERSON and take pictures for their various blogs. Even though IDG doesn’t consider blogs as press (unfortunately anachronistic IMHO), a lot of these blogs are part of the livelihood of the owners, but don’t generate enough to warrant a $1,800.00 fee. I say this because again, the answers given so far have been ignorant and cold to the community.

I would really like to discuss this with you. I am a writer at several Apple oriented blogs and am starting a podcast. I am also the owner of a forum that gets millions of hits a month that has a vocal Mac base. I really think this whole thing is going to be a public relations nightmare for IDG, and unfortunately, for Apple as well since most people mistakenly think that this is run by Apple. I have also written Apple just so that you know (as I am cc’ing them on this email – though I doubt Steve gets these emails, later today I am going to forward them all to the public relations department). I will write a letter to the editor of the local newspaper since the businesses in the area that count on revenue from this event might suffer if less people come or the people who do come are pissed off. This year Apple has made some slip-ups, and this is just going to make them look greedy – and IDG will be directly responsible for that. I don’t know what kind of agreement you guys have with Apple, but my understanding is that they attend at their pleasure, and can pull out at any time (obviously not after they have committed for this year – but who’s to say about next year) just as they did with the East Coast Conference. After all, they have the WWDC.

I may be wrong, but I think there is going to be a tremendous backlash in blogs and podcasts and in MUGs (Mac User Groups) over this. Those who are in the elite clique will likely not say a word, but obviously they are few, and the first-timer unwashed masses feel screwed over. I am hoping that those who have been before and had the opportunity will stand behind those of us who haven’t.

Write me if you wish to discuss either by email or telephone.


IDG is gouging and it is ridiculous. I don’t really want to repeat everything here but I cannot believe there isn’t more of an outrage over this – maybe most people haven’t noticed.

Here is the complaint I posted to IDG

I also wrote to Apple. No there is NO chance for us lowlies to see the KeyNote live DESPITE the fact, there was always that chance in the past, and that the room is twice as large as needed for just the special people.

This looks really bad on Apple, for even though it isn’t their event, they give their imprantur of approval on it.

I am seriously considering not even going. I feel screwed over, and IDG’s responses so far that I have heard have sucked.

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